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The Fix

Sobbing with Sir Elton While Watching Rocketman

John’s seeking earned him fame and financial success and love from millions of fans, but it wasn’t enough for his emotionally starved heart.



Why the NCAA Tournament Is Bittersweet Every Year


My abortions brought me my daughter. That’s what pro-lifers in Georgia and Mississippi don’t understand

Raised a Catholic, I believe in the spiritual phenomenon of grace — and I believe I became a mother exactly when I was ready

Pro-choice activists protest against the Trump administration's Planned Parenthood rule change policy in New York City



We pull into the parking lot. My daughter sits beside me, shoving Pringles into her mouth. This is a reconnaissance stop, before our official visit. We park for a moment, hardly breathing as we sit there.

AARP  The Girlfriend

The Moment I Knew I Was Drinking Too Much Wine

It all came tumbling down when my daughter turned 5, and I couldn’t hide it from myself anymore.


Drinking With Dick Cavett, Truman Capote and Captain Zero

Summertime romances are a dime a dozen, but not many of those dozen include dissolute nights with drug-dealing surfers and celebs.

The day I met Patrick Abrams, I knew I was in trouble. That gleam in his eyes as they quickly latched onto mine. He introduced me to the all-encompassing beauty of Montauk, Long Island, in New York, back when it was a small fishing town.


Codependency: What is It, Really?

To be acceptable to yourself and others, you hide who you are and become who you aren’t. As codependents, we have a tendency to lose ourselves in relationships.

sad woman in field at dusk

The New York Times

Working Through Divorce With Mary and Joseph
Photo Credit/Giselle Potter

She was 5 at the time, and her father and I were separating. That’s when she turned to the nativity figurines I had set out for Christmas to play out the angst in our household.


How My Untreated Codependency Led Me to Addiction

Fear and shame are at the center of co-dependency: fear that what we experienced in childhood will happen again, and shame that we were in some way responsible for it.

How My Untreated Codependency Led Me to Addiction

“There are many addictions used to plaster over and pretend away anxiety…. We deflect the work of solving our life’s anxieties and fears into addictions.”

The Washington Post

I tell my daughter she came to me to help get me sober. She smiles and graciously agrees. She was 5 when I had my last drink.

The Fix

The Haunting Memory of Drinking While Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, no amount of alcohol intake should be considered safe, but I did it anyway.

Not One Drop

The Manifest-Station



You go back to your room, not knowing what to do. The booze that’s always blocked your fear and insecurities, a thing of the past. You are so unsure of how to start this dance, your heart’s thumping a beat you can’t possibly follow. 

Literary Mama

The Birthing of a Mother/Daughter Memoir: A Story of Letting Go


My first art

I learned to cook before I learned to write. 

Although today I make my living as a writer, cooking was my chosen profession for 10 years.

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