Music of Her Love

Ma and Betty Boop at Wobbly.

Today is my mom’s birthday.
She would have been 95.
This is how I like to remember her…

and the jar…it’s to my ear.


Hanging up the phone   after
chatting with my mom  I want
to seize our conversation  and
place it in a jar   one of those
twelve-sided All Fruit beauties
I save   and I’ll set it on the
top shelf of my refrigerator
knowing   I will take it out
later in the day.   Opening the
lid   I’ll nestle the rim to my ear
the sweetness of my mother’s
voice swirling inside   her
lilting words   a cherished
lullaby   and I will carry it
to my room   where the
music of her love   like
postcards sent   to tuck
me in   on this cold  drab
January night   will softly
sing me to sleep.

© Carol Weis, all rights reserved

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